​Taha Technologies

​Is a global service provider of various technical and resource solutions. Taha Technologies is your outsourcing partner for your contact center, accounting and IT help-desk needs. We make digital strategies that make organizations more successful.

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​Software Development & Design

​Do you have any idea or proposition that you’d love to bring to life? Taha Technologies can help you do so, as it is known to provide efficient and reliable software solutions to its clients. We offer custom software design and development. Our services include desktop, web, and mobile application development using the latest tools and technologies. We also serve our clients with scalable, secure, and reliable enterprise software solutions contributing to the growth of their respective businesses.

​IT Outsourcing

​Taha Technologies is an experienced firm providing reliable IT solutions and resources to its valuable clients. It’s pretty expensive to keep going a consistent IT department in every business. Taha Technologies help the growing or already established businesses by offering them IT Outsourcing services. We focus on delivering quality assistance and services contributing to the flourishment of the businesses. We also offer IT-based consultancy services in order to maintain an effective, stable, secure, and cost-effective IT infrastructure.

​Accounting Outsourcing

​T-Tech offers personalized accounting solutions and services to meet your business requirements considering data security and integrity as our prime concern. At Taha Technologies we acquire and maintain your budget and accounting needs, and make customer satisfaction as our sole focus. We will provide organized and meaningful reports of your business for a clear analysis and decision making. Moreover, we offer assistance, consultancy, and all types of accounts outsourcing facilities as per your business needs.

​Data Management

​Data Management solutions offered by Taha Technologies optimizes the quality of data for efficient record tracking and report analysis in order to enhance the data integrity and management for your business. We also offer data entry, data validation, analysis and reporting.

​Contact Center

​The team behind T-Tech Contact center solutions is equipped with the latest technology and has made themselves a benchmark for the industry. At T- Tech, we believe in delivering the best and this has been duly recognized by our prestigious clients as well as various business monitoring autonomous bodies.

​HR Outsourcing

​T-Tech Outsourcing helps you and your managers spend less time on paperwork and more time dedicated to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your workforce. Outsourcing HR functions can help you manage employee performance and development.